Ekofruit & Karlovy Vary

10 Jun

On Wednesday June 5 due to flooding in the city of Prague we had a change of itinerary, but it was for the best because it turned out to be an awesome excursion.

Ekofruit was a fruit orchard and processing company that we went to and it was very cool to see the fruit trees as far as the eye could see. we went and toured the inside of their facility and even got to taste some delicious apples and a fruitbar called Twiggy.

After leaving Ekofruit we went to a city in Czech known for it’s hot springs and spas called  Karlovy Vary. The mineral water in the springs and fountains were extremely hot and smelled like sulfar, but it is supposed to have medicinal properties and is said to be very cleansing to digestive systems.

We ended our trip to Karlovy Vary at the Becherovka museum and Factory. Becherovka is an alcoholic beverage that was created as a medicine and at first people only used a few drops to cure whatever was ailing them. The Czech people enjoyed Becherovka so much that it eventually was sold in larger bottles and now can be ordered at any bar or restaurant in the Czech Republic.ImageImageImageImageImage


Agricultural High School and the Legendary RIP Hill (Mountain)

10 Jun

DSCF0931 DSCF0845 DSCF0928 DSCF0920 DSCF0851 DSCF0847 DSCF0832On Tuesday June 4 we went to an Agriculture High School in Czech. Our guide “Honza” went to school there and it was a very beautiful school. the Agriculture High School had display cases filled with taxidermy  and it was neat to see what they use as models in their educational system. The has a farm where they grow crops including Hops and Canola. The school, like most in Europe is very big on soccer and they have awesome facilities. After looking around the school we were given a laminated picture of the beautiful HS to take back as a gift. Being an Agricultural Education Major I really enjoyed this trip.

After leaving the HS we went hiking up a hill (Mountain) that was called RIP hill.   This was a very awesome and exhausting hike. the elevation of RIP Hill is 459 m or 1506 ft and the winding trail around it became quite a challenge for some of us. at the top of the hill was a concession stand that served water, beer, and ice cream. At the top of the mountain we were able to see the beautiful lands of the Czech Republic and take many pictures.

According to a traditional legend, first recorded by the ancient Czech chronicler Cosmas of Prague in the early 12th century, Říp was the place where the first Slavs, led by Praotec Čech (Forefather Bohemus), settled. The land was named after the leader.

After this  hour trek, which we were told would only take 20 mins we felt quite accomplished.

Classes and University Brewery

10 Jun

Okay so I’ve got some major catching up to do on my blogging and journals. I’m sorry everyone for leaving you hanging but we were busy and the wifi connection hasn’t been too great. lol.

On Monday June 3 we went to class in the morning and listened to a lecture on climate change and global warming. The professor was from Canada and it was very interesting hearing his insight. That evening we went to the University Brewery and had supper and spent some time with the very hospitable Czech faculty and students.

Weekend in Poland

6 Jun

So for the first weekend of our excursion we took an overnight train to Krakow, Poland. Krakow was a beautiful city. while in Poland we went to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. walking through the iron gate that read Arbeit Macht Frei (work will set you free) and walking down the roar to Auschwitz sent chills down my spine. You can learn more by experiencing history than just reading about it in a history book. Auschwitz was a very emotional experience, but it is one that I am happy to have participated in. After the tour through Auschwitz we went shopping in Poland , in the main square they were having a polish music festival which was a great way for us to get some culture. We took another overnight train back to Czech.ImageImage


3 Jun

The city of Prague is the most beautiful and incredible place I have ever seen.From gothic style architecture, to Castles, churches and shops to graffiti covered walls used to protest during the communist period.

The Prague Castle holds the Guinness  world record for Largest Ancient Castle. The Prague Castle is also over 1100 years old and is the home of the President of Czech Republic.

The City is beautiful and has several districts including a new Modern City and The Old Lesser City that has been a work of art in Central Europe for thousands of years.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Cesky Krumlov

30 May

Today we also visited the beautiful and historic city of Cesky Krumlov. the city is known for it’s architecture and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We spent the afternoon exploring the city and touring Cesky Krumlov Castle.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Budweiser Budvar Brewery

30 May

DSCF0297 DSCF0328 DSCF0324 DSCF0307Budweiser Budvar Brewery (Budějovický Budvar) is a brewery in the city of České Budějovice(Budweis), Czech Republic, that is best known for brewing a beer known as Budweiser Budvar in the European Union, Czechvar in the United States and Canada,and either Budweiser Budvar or Budějovický Budvar in the rest of the world.

Today we visited the famous brewery and took a tour through the factory. Budweiser Budvar is a completely different recipe than American Budweiser. Budvar is spiced with only the best Bohemian hops.