Ekofruit & Karlovy Vary

10 Jun

On Wednesday June 5 due to flooding in the city of Prague we had a change of itinerary, but it was for the best because it turned out to be an awesome excursion.

Ekofruit was a fruit orchard and processing company that we went to and it was very cool to see the fruit trees as far as the eye could see. we went and toured the inside of their facility and even got to taste some delicious apples and a fruitbar called Twiggy.

After leaving Ekofruit we went to a city in Czech known for it’s hot springs and spas called  Karlovy Vary. The mineral water in the springs and fountains were extremely hot and smelled like sulfar, but it is supposed to have medicinal properties and is said to be very cleansing to digestive systems.

We ended our trip to Karlovy Vary at the Becherovka museum and Factory. Becherovka is an alcoholic beverage that was created as a medicine and at first people only used a few drops to cure whatever was ailing them. The Czech people enjoyed Becherovka so much that it eventually was sold in larger bottles and now can be ordered at any bar or restaurant in the Czech Republic.ImageImageImageImageImage


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